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Digital Video Interface cable ( DVI) is designed for high speed digital data transmission with great video performance to replace traditional DB15 monitor cable.
• Monitor
• DVD players,
• TV sets
• HDTV sets
• video projectors
• Digital CRT displays
There are two DVI standards:
• Dual Link DVI supports 2x165 MHz (2048x1536 at 60 Hz, 1920x1080 at 85 Hz).
A dual link implementation utilizes all 24 of the available pins.
• Single Link DVI supports a maximum bandwidth of 165 MHz (1920x1080 at 60
Hz, 1280x1024 at 85Hz). A single link implementation utilizes 12 of the 24 available pins.

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TD-001 DVI 24+1 (M) / 24+1(M) right angle 14  
TD-002 DVI 24+1(M) / HDMI 14  
TD-003 DVI 18+5 / HDB 15M 14  
TD-004 DVI 24+1(M) / DVI 24+1(F) 14  
TD-005 DVI 24+1(M) / DVI24+1(M) 14  
TD-006 HDMI CABLE 14  
TD-007 Adaptor DVI18+1(M) / HPDB20(F) 14  
TD-008 Adaptor DVI 24+1(F) / HPDB20(M) 14  
TD-009 Adaptor DVI 24+5(F) / DVI 18+1(M) 14  
TD-010 Adaptor DVI 24+5(F) / DB15(M) 14  


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